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There is a house in my neighborhood called Wisteria Cottage, which has a wall covered in wisteria.

I couldn't imagine Wisteria in this winter and spring when it rained all the time. The cottage is
It shows a lot of wisteria where both bees and people stop.

Since it is a general residence, I refrained from taking pictures, so I took a picture of a fine wisteria I saw near the park.
Wisteria, after all, I feel a connection with Japan.
But it's a flower that is loved in England too.
I remembered that I had a wisteria hair ornament at Shichigosan,
I put my head out under the wisteria flowers with the children.
I was soothed by the pleasant scent and beautiful colors.
Naturally, it's the days that are supported more than usual. (K)

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