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Camellia Road

Posted by CouleureStaff on

A flower called camellia,
For me, who thought it was very Japanese,
More than joy, I was pleasantly surprised when I found a garden near my home in England with many, many camellias.

But come to think of it,
Coco Chanel also used chamilia (camellia) as a motif.
There are paintings and ceramics with Chamilia drawn in England too.
Camellia has an image of Japan and China,
It is a flower loved in Europe.

Camellia is said to have been introduced in books as "Japan Rose" by Kaempfer, who visited Japan and other Asian countries in the 17th century.
(By the way, Kaempfer went from Dejima through Hakone to Edo,
He had two audiences with Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa.
I had the opportunity to read the Hakone Crossing materials at that time,
It was very interesting. )

The first documented camellia in England (a living plant, not a book) dates from 1739.
In the garden of the 8th Baron Peter who was enthusiastic about landscaping,
It seems that there was a single red and white camellia.
Camellia, which has spread to various places, is a happy cultural bridge.

with falling flowers,
Pretending to be a cake shop, a hair ornament shop, and a brooch shop.
(The black cuffs are embarrassing...!)

This is a camellia called "Cornish Snow".
Cornwall is in the south west of England,
I don't think it will ever snow.
Standing under this camellia tree, which is close to 3m,
It conveys a feeling that makes you want to compare it to snow.

The camellia season is about to end this year. See you next year... (K)


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