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Season of cherry blossoms

Posted by CouleureStaff on

After picking up from school
I found a cherry blossom bud in the park where I stopped by.
Looking at the photos of cherry blossoms sent from Japan,
You will notice the feeling that your heart dances with beauty, and your expectations and joy are swelling softly.
If you live in another country,
Are there cherry blossoms near you?

Speaking of cherry blossoms, a little while ago, I watched a Korean drama called “One Spring Night” on the recommendation of a friend involved in film production.
Beautifully drawn cherry blossoms.

In each culture, the impression of plants and how they are drawn are similar,
It's interesting to know that the nuances are different.
I am struck by the essential commonalities of people inspired by nature.

Are there any books, music, movies, etc. that you recommend that depict cherry blossoms? (K)

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