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News from England - Signs of Spring

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Hello everyone.
I'm Staff K, who lives in England.

When the city gets busy in the run-up to Christmas, it's cold but bright in England, but from January onwards, the winter feels longer. It's cloudy and rainy, and it's gloomy and heavy. It seems that many people actively take vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight. I miss the cold but clear and sunny Japanese winter.

But spring is definitely here... It's a relief to see snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells under the budding trees.
It's been a long time since I've had a sunny day, and I've been walking nearby.

Flowers like antique cloth with floral patterns.

You will want to gently touch the petals through which the evening light shines.

In the foreground is a bluebell that I saw for the first time this year. Involuntarily, a voice came out. I heard that there is a forest of bluebells blooming nearby, but I haven't met one yet. I can't go out due to the lockdown, but if I meet you on a walk, I would like to send you a picture. (Staff K)

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