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A taste of Persia and a 40-degree phone call

Posted by CouleureStaff on
after a long time, after a long time
My husband went to the market.

I also wanted to go
The phone call to arrange the electrical work took more than an hour.
I was at home.

While waiting while working hands-free
When I said to the call center staff, "It's cold, isn't it?"
I laughed and replied, "Absolutely!"
"How many degrees?! It's about 0 degrees here."
"It's 40 degrees. I'm in South Africa, so it's midsummer."
Hyaa, I thought it was a domestic number, but it turned out to be South Africa.
That's surprising.

Speaking of surprise, the street food I had you buy
It was a wrap sandwich.
It was 30 cm long, and I think it weighed about 1 kg.

Tomato, lettuce, cucumber, pickled radish, pickled cucumber
Fresh mint, red and green peppers, crispy grilled chicken,
Chickpeas, peppers, yogurt sauce, mango sauce, etc.
Stuffed in a large homemade naan.
It's Persian food.

In the hot country of Iran, it is refreshing to feel energized.
I'm sure there are many other dishes that will make you feel good.
It was a delicious dish.
I'm sorry for the photos that can only convey about 1/3 of the charm.
I remembered the picture before eating, so I'd like to pass... ^^

On a cold day, talk to someone from a hot country,
Enjoy the cuisine of hot countries,
I felt a little closer to other countries and people. (K)

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