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sweater gift

Posted by CouleureStaff on

The next new arrival is scheduled to be a sweater .
It's a nice design, and it looks like it would go well with Kururu's skirt and pants.
Since we live in a country with a long sweater season,
A sweater arrived from my mother while I was waiting.

High neck pullover .

My mother was also impressed that the knitted sweater was very fashionable and had the goodness of hand-knitting, but the design was not too loose and it would be fun to match it with clothes.
It has a gentle atmosphere, but it's also cool.
Recommended for its modern and sophisticated design.

As written in the introduction, depending on the thread, it will be heavy.
The recommended yarn, alpaca leggero, is so fluffy that you forget you're wearing it, yet it's warm and surprising.

This time, my mother wanted to knit for herself, so I was worried about choosing a color.
In addition to the tiered colors, various nuanced colors are also available!
This time, according to the gauge, 5 balls seemed to be perfect without waste.

Knitting and sewing exchange flights,
Next time, I would definitely like to order a new sweater from my daughter.

A little more until the news of the spring breeze arrives,
I am also thinking about your knit life. (K)

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