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snowdrops and liberty print

Posted by CouleureStaff on

When I see one or two snowdrop flowers blooming, I want to fly away and gently touch the white petals with my fingertips.
The slightly swaying flowers are so cute and I love them.

The first snowdrops of the year were blooming under the birch trees.
I was so happy that I flew away, and when I was taking a photo to introduce it in my blog, I touched a sprout of a nettle (nettle) that was right next to it.
How full of energy the new life is!
Blisters formed in no time.
My son ran quickly and brought it from the depths of his friend's garden, saying, "There must have been a dock leaf near here."
Squeezing and rubbing it will reduce the pain.

Photos taken with such thoughts,
Unfortunately, it was blurry at the moment I said "Ita" ^ ^

I wanted to show it to everyone as soon as possible.

The children picked flowers in my friend's garden and gave them to me.
It looks like a fairy lamp and is exciting.

When I think of snowdrops, I have an image of Art Nouveau.
I felt like it was also in Liberty's fabric, so I looked it up,
It was on the LIBERTY site in London.
Based on the design of 1896,
It was sold as cotton for handicrafts such as quilts.
Don't you feel Japan in an atmosphere similar to Karakami? (K)

(Image borrowed from website .)

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