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advent baby and mince pie

Posted by CouleureStaff on

It's almost Christmas time.
Preparations for Christmas continue for about a month from around the end of November,
There is a countdown feeling and tension like New Year's in Japan.
Especially in the year when I am in a position to entertain the whole family, I am busy preparing for Eve Christmas Boxing Day (26th).

I want to relax before Christmas, which is the time when the sun shines.
This year, we made an advent calendar together to give the children a relaxed feeling.
Traveling among the stars, Baby descends to a bed of walnuts.
The two of them are still young and adorable, as they carefully unload the felt baby every morning.

The one pictured next to it is a mince pie.
This is handmade at a nearby shop and is twice as deep as mince pies in a box.
It's filled to the brim.
When I'm done with my work, I'm going to warm it up and have it with some cream.

In Japan, I was told that there is a recipe for Christmas mince pies in a book by Stacey Ward.
(Victoria sponges were also popular!)

May Christmas be a wonderful day for all of you. (K)

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