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How to use PDF patterns with images

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Hello. This is staff k.
Have you ever experienced pasting PDF patterns together?
It seems that it will take time and effort, but the PDF pattern of Kururu is
It is designed to be easy to attach
Even if it takes a little time the first time, it will be quick from the second time.
Please feel free to try the PDF.
I will tell you the tips of pasting with images.

✂️ How to use PDF patterns

・Use the PDF pattern of the corresponding size and the guide booklet.

・When printing, first set the printer to "100%".
Output the first page of the PDF pattern or the second page of the guide booklet
・Check that the "scale guide" is 5 cm square (1 inch square)
・ If it is not 5 cm, fine-tune the output settings.
Example: 99%, 101%, etc.
If output is correct, output the rest. Black and white is OK.
・While referring to the “Gluing diagram”, align the notches of ▶︎ to make a ■,
Paste them together.

Tips to make PDF stitching easier

1. There is no need to cut all the top, bottom, left, and right margins .
2. For right-handers, cut off the right edge and bottom margin.
If you are left-handed, cut the left edge and bottom for a smoother look .
No big deal, but the biggest trick
3. Stick together using cellophane tape or glue.
For Staff K, stick glue or tape glue is quick and recommended.

If this is your first time, please take a look at the images!

Some people use rotary cutters instead of scissors and cutters.

One row is 5 pieces from a to e. The number of lamination steps is
Varies by size.
Information can be found in the assembly diagrams in the guide booklet.

Line up 1a to 1e and check the extra margins (where to cut).

Staff K, who is right-handed, cut off the right end and the bottom with a cutter.
Inside the line
I'm going to cut the last minute.

It's OK to leave the right (left) side of the e at the end as it is, so cut only the bottom part.

Let's start gluing!

Add glue to the margins and align the triangles ◀︎ ▶︎ to make ■.
At this time, while being aware of the central ▶︎,
Make sure that the top and bottom lines are not misaligned so that they can be pasted cleanly.

It fit perfectly!

The first step is completed.

Completed up to step 5! The last stage has few places to cut, so it's quick
I feel like it's over.

Next, glue the tiers 1 and 2 together.
Make ◆ by pasting ▲ and ▼ together. I am conscious of ◆
The left and right lines are connected.

Staff K has a lot of things to do, such as the part where 4 sheets of paper come together every time you connect the tiers.
I put a little bit of tape on the key points.


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